Anti Corrosion Coating and Paint

The corrosion resistance coating prevents metal parts from damage due to humidity, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a range of environmental or industrial chemicals. Anti-corrosion coating provides additional metal surface protection, which serves as a barrier to prevent interaction between chemical compounds or corrosive materials.These also have an abrasion resistance bonus, non-stick efficiency, and chemical protection. This coating provides a high level of corrosion protection for industrial parts which operate in extremely corrosive environments.

Anti-corrosion paint for metal is an important tool in combating the oxidation battle. Used onEquipment’s, Control Panels, MS Structures, Structural Steel, Transformers, Chemical Plants/ Refineries, Industrial Valves, Pipe Lines, Marine & Shipping, Motors & Pumps, Storage Tanks, Thermal Power Complexes, it protect structures in some of the harshest environments. For anti-corrosive coatings, there are several advancement areas. Key markets include oil and gas, power, industrial and infrastructure, PEB Structures, Chemical Plants, Fire Resistance Structures, Transformers, and Marine& Shipping.

Also on a steel surface with a protective anti corrosion paint, water will inevitably find a way to push for underlying metal. Due to our reliance on steel bridges, vehicles, water heaters and other steel goods, the resulting oxidation is very costly for the society.


Anti-corrosive protective coating to replace traditional Epoxy & Polyurethane paints


Anti-corrosion fire retardant protective coating to protect metallic structures from fire & corrosion under varying climatic conditions.

PEB Structures
PEB Structures | protective coating


High performance corrosion resistant coating for Marine and Shipping applications


Protective Coating for highly corrosive chemical environment

UNIQUE FEATURES OF Anti Corrosion Coating

  • Quick Drying at room temperature : Dries within 15 minutes at room temperature.
  • ROHS Compliant.
Chemical Plants
Chemical Plants- Corrosion resistnt paint
Fire Resistance Structures
Fire Resistance Structures - Anti corrosion protective paint


  • Excellent Resistance to Corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to U.V Radiation
  • Resistance to Acids, Alkalies & saline atmosphere.
  • Stable up to 200OC
  • Tough & Scratch proof Available in all necessary shades of color


  • Enhanced performance properties - Longer life cycle
  • Single Pack, Ready to use system - Easy Apllication Process
  • No wastages - Clean Enviroment
  • Fast drying at room temperature-Performance increased, rapid output & displacement, reduced downtime
  • No need of Oven Baking - Energy Saving
  • Saves Lobor, Saves time, Saves energy, Saves Space
Transformers - Anti corrosion Paint
Marine & Shipping
Marine & Shipping - Corrosion resistant coating


  • Equipments
  • Controal Panels
  • MS Structures
  • Structural Steel
  • Transformers
  • Chemical Plants/ Refineries

  • Industrial Valves
  • Pipe Lines
  • Marine & Shipping
  • Motors & Pumps
  • Storage Tanks
  • Thermal Power Complexes

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Frequently Asked Questions of Anti corrosion Coating

Yes. Anti corrosion protective coating allows additional metal surface protection, and acts as a barrier to inhibit contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials. It can protect metal components from corrosion because of humidity, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a range of environmental or industrial chemicals. This anti corrosion paint provides solid corrosion resistance up to 9-10 years. Sometimes the life of coating depends on composition of the coating; this consists of binders, pigments, solvents, extenders, and additives as well as several external environmental parameters.

Coating a metal surface with paint or enamel creates a barrier in the atmosphere between the metal and the humidity. The method of oxidizing a metal surface with another metal is referred to as a sacrificial coating.

There are a variety of internal and external factors that influence the corrosion process. Internal factors are those that are tied to metal, such as: steel structure, surface condition, surface presence of protective films, processing method, etc. When the iron surface is covered with more active metal layers than iron, the corrosion rate is delayed. Some main factors which affect corrosion are impurities in metals, electrolyte in water, and carbon dioxide in water.


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